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There are so many ways to make your home beautiful but it often costs too much money and requires too much time to do a huge home renovation. This is why you have to pick and choose your home renovation project, and determine what will give the most bang for your buck.


The magic of tiles: Why you need tiling

Changing your floor is very noticeable and is not an intensive job for a professional. Tiles are becoming the material of choice for new floors as they are quite low maintenance and they come in an array of different types to suit your style. Their ability to take a beating while retaining their appearance makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

However, while there are no strict laws enforcing the differences between kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, there are a few things you should consider about the differences between tiling your bathroom and tiling your kitchen before you embark on your floor renovation.


If you go into a home hardware store, kitchen and bathroom tiles will unlikely be separated on the shelves. However, the salesperson will probably recommend particular titles based on what it is you are tiling.

Tiles are often based on aesthetics – they are chosen to be pleasing to the eye. This has to be considered when you are choosing tiles for your kitchen or your bathroom, but with a twist.  You will have to ask yourself “What will it look like when it is dirty?” Kitchen floors are often the dirtiest floors in your house, with food getting dropped on it, people often wearing their shoes in kitchens, etc. For this reason, you would want your kitchen tiles to be darker so you don’t have to clean them as often. Bathroom floors, on the other hand, are walked upon barefoot. If your bathroom floor is dirty, you would want to know straight away so that you can clean it. Therefore, tiles for bathroom floors tend to be lighter.


Certainly, you would want both your kitchen tiles and your bathroom tiles to last a long time.  However, they both face different situations. Kitchen tiles may come into contact with heavy items and thus, have to be tough enough to withstand a pot or a pan falling on top of it.  Bathroom tiles may not have heavy items fall onto it but will come into contact with lots of water. This is one of the key considerations when deciding to tile your kitchen or your bathroom.


The installation of tiles is pretty standard for bathrooms and kitchens but there is something you’ll need to keep in mind – drainage. Bathroom floors have lots of water splashed onto them on a daily basis, and that water needs to go somewhere. Therefore, you may have to consider their positioning during installation so that the water quickly makes its way to the drain.

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