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Bathroom Waterproofing Newcastle

Bathroom Waterproofing

New bathrooms or bathroom renovations require waterproofing. Prior to tiling a bathroom or wet area Ceramex can do the waterproofing for you and ensure that it complies with the relevant building codes.

Wet areas like bathrooms MUST be waterproofed before being tiled

You cannot just go putting down tiles in a room or area that is going to get wet without waterproofing it. If you do then you will gradually rot out the floor or wall behind the tiles as moisture gets to that surface.

Your bathroom tiled by a professional tiler

John and the team at Ceramex are professional, full time, qualified and experienced tilers. With decades of experience in tiling they have seen it all and know exactly how to tile correctly to Australian standards.

Get a bathroom waterproofed

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These photos are from a bathroom waterproofing preparation job in Newcastle

Get Ceramex to do all your waterproofing and wet area tiling so that it is done right the first time. You will be sure that the job is done properly and carefully with Ceramex.