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Cleaning & Sealing Tiles

Cleaning and sealing tiles

Old tiles lose their lustre, we can restore them to their former glory with a clean and seal.

Tiled floors need to be maintained to remove the dirt and grime build up in the grout joints and also on the tile surface (particularly textured tiles).

Outdoor tile cleaning and sealing

See the difference that the cleaning and sealing makes to an outdoor tile surface; it’s a great way to make your tiled area look like new again. If your tile is ceramic or porcelain, it probably won’t need to be sealed.

Natural stone tiles or pavers benefit from scheduled cleaning and sealing

If your tile is stone (slate, marble, granite, travertine, etc.) then it will need to be sealed. Stone is naturally porous and will absorb spills and stain fairly easily. For example, if you have a natural stone driveway, once the sealing wears out then any oil that drips from your car or stains from trees can affect the colour of your pavers.

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Get your natural stone pavers, cleaned and sealed so that they maintain their colour.

Before tile clean and seal

Before cleaning and sealing outdoor tiles

After tile clean and seal

After cleaning and sealing outdoor tiles

Other examples of tile cleaning and sealing, before and after are below.

Contact John and the team at Ceramex to get your natural stone pavers cleaned and sealed. You will be glad you did because the pavers will look fantastic again.