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Ingleburn Gardens Estate

Ingleburn Gardens Estate

The plans for Ingleburn Gardens Estate called for a number of large stone walls and a range of paving and tiling surfaces. John and the team at Ceramex were selected to provide the paving and tiling for the estate

Housing estate paving and tiling

With many years of experience in both outdoor and indoor paving and tiling plus commercial and industrial applications there was a great deal of confidence that the developers of Ingleburn Gardens Estate could have that the tiling and paving would be completed on time, on budget and to a high degree of professionalism.

Experienced natural stone paving contractors for housing estates

The look of natural stone, natural sandstone, is one that you cannot easily replace with man-made materials. Large projects such as this housing estate are paving and tiling projects that John and his team have a lot of experience with.

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A selection of photos from Ingleburn Gardens Estate where Ceramex laid.

By selecting a range of natural stone pavers and tiles for the Ingleburn Gardens Estate the developers ensured that there would be a great sense of presence and value as prospective buyers entered the estate such that they would feel the subconscious certainty and confidence that comes with being surrounded by big, weighty, natural elements.

If you have a residential or commercial estate such as the Ingleburn Gardens Estate that needs tiling or paving or you are a property developer looking to work with a trusted and highly regarded professional tiler and team then contact John at Ceramex. John has decades of experience in every aspect of tiling and paving and would love to speak with you. Your complete satisfaction and delight with the finished job is guaranteed.