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On a commercial floor in a warehouse or supermarket which is high traffic and hard wearing the use of stickers on the floor may not be ideal for long term messages and directions. Colour concrete though is long lasting and eye catching.

Ask us about the many synthetic primary pigments available for eye catching designs for colour concrete systems.

How does coloured concrete work?

Coloured concrete is created by applying a colourant with a carrier chemical that penetrates the concrete like a dye. It is a long lasting and rich colouring technique rather than a simple surface layer.

John and the team at Ceramex are experts with the colour dye application process for concrete, ask them about having your interior concrete floors dyed with the vibrant colours of your logo or pattern.

What is a colour concrete dye?

A formulation of dye concentrates that are high strength penetrating solutions of primary colours intended to make ready-to-use dye stains by blending to the desired colour and may be mixed with acetone and/or water, depending upon application requirements.

What colours are available with colour concrete dye?

They can be used to create a range of affects from subtle earth tones to vibrant hues. Ideal for colouring hardened concrete surfaces and toppings or for enhancing acid stained floors.

If you have any other questions about having your concrete colour dyed contact John.