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Safe exit and entry from houses and offices, especially on hard and tiled surfaces is a serious matter. Although you may not intend for the surfaces to get wet or for people to wear non-grippy shoes or elderly people to traverse the space invariably all of these things and more will take place at some stage and when someone falls and hurts themselves then you better hope you have a good insurance policy and have demonstrated that your house or office is up to the required building codes and sensible design for the purpose.

In order to access a dwelling, one normally uses its external pavement. AS 3727 – 1993, Guide to residential pavements provides guidelines for the selection and construction of pavements associated with residential buildings consisting of single houses or multiple dwellings in medium density housing development. The surface texture of the pavement ‘should have slip resistance appropriate for the pavement slopes as required by AS 3661.1’.

Ask John at Ceramex about getting your tiled surfaces and ramps safe when wet.

If you know that your house has a shiny tile surface that gets wet and people walk across it in hard shoes or thongs then take a proactive safety approach and have the tiled surface treated by Ceramex.

While individual and behavioural influences contribute to fall events on stairs, poor design and construction are also principle causes. Inconsistent step dimensions, inappropriate step sizes, inadequate handrails and poor step visibility are the four main problems.

Don’t let your office or house be a safety hazard when people are exiting in the wet. Get a professionally applied surface finish that will not detract from the quality of your tiles but will make them safer.

Contact John and the team at Ceramex to talk about diamond grinding your tiles.