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Ceramex Tiling & Waterproofing Newcastle

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Have you got a kitchen or bathroom to tile in Newcastle? Ceramex would be delighted to help. Not only will Ceramex make sure that your kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles are beautiful and perfect in every way but they will be suitable for the location, strongly adhered to the substrate and have the right about of grip for a wet surface.

While there are no regulations covering floor surface selection when building a new home or renovating an established home, it may be prudent to consider choosing products that meet the AS 3661.1 wet area requirements in areas that are likely to get wet, eg., kitchen, bathroom, laundry, toilet, entrances.

Wet shiny tiles in kitchens and bathrooms are dangerous to you and your potential house guests. Do you want to be responsible for having someone in your family go to hospital with a broken hip because they slipped on your bathroom tiles? Probably not right, and you might walk across those same tiles every day yourself but all it takes is for the surface to have inadequate friction, be accidentally wet and someone to walk across it without taking the due care that you might normally take and then.. whoops, down they go and if you’re lucky they will get a fright and a sore tailbone, worst case they go to hospital with broken bones.