Getting Ready for the Season: Sealing your Windows and Doors

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Blooming springtime, sizzling summer, rich autumn and cool winters – each season brings beautiful scenery, and thanks to our windows and doors at home, we are able to peek at this beauty. However, each of these seasons also bring about certain elements that may not be too healthy to let inside our premises. This is why we have to make sure to safely seal windows and doors.

Here, we list down some reasons why the windows and doors of your Newcastle homes need sealing.

  • Keeping away winter’s wrath.

Admittedly, with such mild winters in NSW, we don’t feel the wrath of winter too much.  However, the temperature does drop considerably and you’ll want to protect yourself and the inhabitants of your home from the biting draft.

What are your options? Sure, you could pile on sweaters or crank up the heat, but both methods are either inconvenient or expensive. The easiest way to keep the cold outside is to seal your windows and doors. Even the tiniest cracks can cause teeth to chatter in your house, so make sure that every crack and gap in your doors and windows are attended to.

  • Fresh showers in fall and spring.

Though they are very different than each other (spring brings new hope and promise whereas, autumn is associated with the preparation of colder times), there’s a common trait between the two: precipitation. Additionally, it’s also important to check the sealing around your windows and doors at this time.

Why is that?  Well, you don’t want the rain to wreak havoc inside your house. Without proper sealing, moisture can get in and cause mould – and that’s in a normal scenario. If there’s unusually heavy rains in these seasons, inadequate sealing can even cause flooding in your home and a huge dent in your pocket. Therefore, be proactive and make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed so that you can keep the gloomy rain in spring and autumn outside.

  • Sizzling summers

Summer is an amazing time in NSW and it seems as if there are no cares in the world.  However, there is one thing that you should care about – sealing your windows and doors.  Cracks and gaps give the heat plenty of opportunities to seep into your house, making you uncomfortable and prickly during those hot summer nights. Hence, keep your cool by keeping your windows and doors sealed.

Need help with sealing your windows and doors for the season to come? You don’t have to suffer floods to make the right wise decision. Contact a master builder contractor today!


Getting Ready for the Season: Sealing your Windows and Doors

After Sealing

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