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Granite Transformation & Restoration

Granite Cleaning, Polishing, Sealing, Repair & Restoration

Whether you are remodelling or refacing your granite kitchen bench-tops or bath counter-tops, resurfacing furniture, installing granite for the first time, wanting to restore the shine with a granite restoration or need a little pick me up with a granite transformation over older material, our expert granite team has years of experience and will help you achieve the granite project of your dreams.

Every aspect of our restoration business sets us apart from our competition, we don’t consider the job complete until our customer signs off on it, and we are there for you on after sales questions. Our years of experience in the granite restoration business will resolve virtually any problem you may have. Ceramex can:

Granite Restoration - Ceramex Tiling & Waterproofing Newcastle

We can perform the following restoration or transformation services:

The benefits of granite include

Finding the Best Granite Restoration Contractor

While remodelling trends come and go, natural stones, such as marble and granite are timeless. Granite tends to increase the value of your home, and like marble, granite is durable and long lasting. When cared for properly, granite works should be cleaned and sealed periodically to retain its value. Because installations are expensive, and usually beyond the realm of do-it-your-selfers, granite transformations and are better left to granite restoration professionals who have specialized knowledge. Locating an accredited and licensed granite restoration contractor may not be as easy as it sounds. We hope you choose Ceramex, but this list may help you make an educated decision.

A few key questions to ask or research in potential granite contractors:

You may have found out while searching for your granite restoration or transformation contractor, that most flooring companies won’t touch your granite works. Ceramex is FULLY qualified to restore your granite, whether it is need to be diamond honed, re-polished, cleaned or sealed–we can perform all of these services for you. We are licensed, and accredited, have 25 years experience and the rest is visible on our website.

Caring for Your Granite

Granite is so strong that using people use them as cutting boards. A properly conditioned granite surface will in fact dull your kitchen knives while suffering NO damage.

Like other natural stone surfaces, new granite stone is cut and usually polished offsite. Those granite installers who do not have years of experience like Ceramex, fail to secure the granite to cabinets or other surfaces with the correct silicone caulking, resulting in major seaming problems that get worse over time. The joints in granite counter-tops and bench-top don’t totally disappear, and that is normal, in fact, that is what separates natural stone from other manufactured products.

Granite is different from marble when it comes to its recommended usage, care and maintenance. Granite is pretty durable and withstands the elements fairly well. Harder than marble, it is one of the hardest stones, and the reason why it is also one of the oldest, most elegant building materials. Normally, granite did not have a history of etching, however recently, we noticed some of the newer granites used today DO etch. The etching in these newer granites are caused from acidic items being spilled on the surface.

Just ask our granite professionals about the products we recommend for spills causing etching should you have an granite damaging accident.

Granite Restoration Transformative Applications

Renovating your cabinets has become the most simple and economical answer upgrade your home. Granite comes in several grades depending on use, slabs, tiles, pavers, off cuts and veneers. Popular residential update applications include:

Renovating your cabinets has become the most simple and economical answer upgrade your home. Granite comes in several grades depending on use, slabs, tiles, pavers, off cuts and veneers. Popular residential update applications include:

Servicing Residential, Commercial and Industrial in NSW

Granite Restoration Transformation Service Areas

New installations or granite transformations need preventative maintenance in order to retain the value of your stone counter-tops, floors, and vanities get in touch with us before they become a dull and damaged for proper granite care advice. Most importantly, no matter how damaged you think your Granite works might be, Ceramex can help you restore and protect your granite surfaces. We hope you call Ceramex Granite Restoration to transformation and uncover the natural beauty of your old granite surfaces.