Maintaining your Home 101: Stone Cleaning & Sealing Newcastle

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Because of age and activity, stone tiles will eventually lose their sparkle. Some problems encountered include:

  • Discolouration,
  • Blemish, and
  • Scratches

Thus, stone cleaning & sealing is an integral process to Newcastle home building and maintenance to minimise occurrences like these. If the problems are not given immediate attention, then the deterioration of the tiles could result in the devaluation of the property altogether. It could also lead to major problems that may cost the owner their time and money to fix everything.

Stone cleaning & sealing Newcastle: maintenance and restoration

Stone tiles maintenance is essentially easy. It can be done with proper care and attention. Stone cleaning can be accomplished by anyone through:

  •  Regularly dusting and mopping stone floors,
  • Occasionally washing stone surface with water and mild soap or detergent,
  • Immediately blotting spills on the surface to avoid staining, and
  • Putting mats and rugs on floors, or using coasters and placemats on stone counters.

However, for major jobs that will require restoration a professional, such as our team from Ceramex, can perform stone cleaning & sealing expertly. Services include honing, grinding, polishing, and protecting the stone tiles.

You may wonder if sealing and stone tiles restoration would even be necessary. The answer is a YES. Such beautiful surface is an investment, and naturally, because you have paid good money to obtain this, you would want to maintain its look.

Additionally, stone tiles have porous composition. That means it can absorb water, oil, dirt and grime over time. So, regular cleaning and sealing will keep its durability and quality for many years.

Stone cleaning & sealing Newcastle: the Ceramex advantage

With our Ceramex team doing the job, you can be assured of a systematic and precise execution of stone cleaning & sealing.

We don’t cut corners. We keep our eye on the job every step of the project, from the beginning and even later, when you would require after sales care of your stone tiles. Call us today for an appointment!

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