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Natural Stone Restoration

Natural Stone Restoration

When you are looking for Natural Stone Restoration in Newcastle, why not call Ceramex? As subcontractor of the year, we has been providing exceptional natural stone, concrete and vinyl restoration and maintenance service in NSW for over 25 years. While we advance our expansion, we continue to offer the same high quality workmanship and reliable service across all floor surface types.

marble floor after restoration

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Natural stone before restoration

Natural stone before polishing

Natural stone after restoration

Natural stone after polishing

Natural stone floor polishing

We can now offer you the following services:

  • Marble & Natural Stone Maintenance – Honing, Grinding, Polishing and sealing of natural stone products. On-going regular maintenance to protect and have your expensive floor beautifully presented.
  • Terrazzo Maintenance – Honing, Grinding, Polishing and sealing of natural stone products. On-going regular maintenance to protect and have your expensive floor beautifully presented.
  • Concrete Grinding & Polishing – Grinding and sealing of all new and existing concrete floors, from light sanding to full exposure of aggregate.
  • Expert Advice – Through our many years of experience we are able to assist when problems occur and can offer advice on new or existing floorings, nothing is more expensive than having a floor that is not suitable for the building or the customer traffic.

Selecting the correct natural stone tile cleaners and sealants

Natural stone and tiles come in all shapes, hardness, sizes, textures and colours. The types of stone are Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, Blustone and similar aggregates. The gorgeous surfaces are hard-wearing with proper maintenance and application of natural stone sealers, but will show signs of wear, tear, or a general dullness, sooner than other flooring or surfaces depending on brand, skill and age of application.

Floors usually wear faster in high traffic areas, as will one well used counter-top area near the stove, over other spaces not used as often.

Irregular or improper sealing of natural stone floors and maintenance, such as the use of the wrong tile cleaning procedure or incorrect tile sealer, can leave your shiny surfaces looking dull, worn, and deteriorating.
But because natural stone is so hard-wearing, is is easily restored and doesn’t usually need to be fully replaced.  Ceramex restoration includes a clean, polish, hone, grind and sealing of your Natural Stone flooring or surfaces, including Marble & Granite.

Stone surface damage types:

Natural Stone like a porous sponge can stain easily. Absorbing oils, foods, dyes, paint, inks and items commonly dropped on flooring isn’t so hazardous when the floor is sealant is in good condition.

A more common damage is the cleaning of natural stone shower tiles. Unknowingly, people use cleaners not meant for stone showers, sinks and countertops, they don’t realize the harsh store bought chemicals they are using are causing undue damage.

Scratches, chips and abrasions, which often happen without notice, even on the best sealed stone floors, occur over a long time.  Sand, dust, dirt and other entities that come in the door with us can act as sandpaper, scuffing up the stone surface as you walk on your natural stone floor. Other more serious damage occurs from deep scratches from furniture, boxes, wheeled items and toys being dragged or rolled across the floor.

Acidic food items that come in contact with stone floors can cause etching, as can the wrong cleaning product, or accidentally spilled products. Instant damage can occur with some items on contact. Acidic liquids, such as pickle juice, soda pop, lemon juice, ammonia can mar and etch the surface of the stone, creating an instant appearance of dullness or spotting that becomes permanent until restored.

Natural stone floor maintenance by Ceramex

Take the frustration out of hiring a slew of services–Ceramex restores and maintains all flooring of all types!

Our valued customers experience significant benefits in terms of time saved dealing with a single, professional organisation rather than many single service operators.  Our sandstone products are mostly manufactured in Australia and based on Australian styles and colours. We use sharp corners to create that solid stone look; and the sandstone ages beautifully over time just like natural stone does.

When it comes to natural stone, concrete and vinyl restoration our team at Ceramex will be available at every step; before the project begins to after sales care, we will meticulously attend to any question or request you have.

When you next consider your arrangements for any of the services mentioned above, I  would welcome the opportunity to understand your requirements and service your needs. Please contact us on: 0408021399 or send us an email through our contact form.