Why You Need a Tiler for your Home

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Tiles are used in construction for covering floors, roofs, or walls in areas requiring a tough, long lasting watertight surface. Installed in simple and plain designs, or in attractive colours and prints, tiles are traditionally ideal for bathrooms, laundry areas, kitchens and the outdoors. But in Australia, especially in regions where the weather is warmer, it’s common to see houses with tiling in most rooms of the house, the bedroom included. One reason is that the tiles help with keeping the house cooler, and also, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Why You Need a Tiler for your Home -

While there are many advantages to using tiles when building a property, its improper installation could result to different problems. To avoid this, the laying of the tiles has to be done perfectly. Hiring a professional tiler, with the skills, technique and the artistic aptitude, would be a logical solution.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Tiler

Tiling isn’t a simple job to do. It isn’t something anyone can tackle as a side or weekend project, even if they believe they’re quite handy around the house. There are some factors to consider before any actual work has to be done. With skills and experience, only a professional tiler would be able to determine all these factors.

A professional tiler can also guarantee that the tiles are watertight and securely set in place long after its installation. They make use of the right tools and equipment during the whole process.

These are just some of the elements a tiler has to assess for carrying out the work properly:

  • Is the floor even or are there dips to work on?
  • Are there challenging areas and curves that may require better installation techniques?
  • Are the tiles properly shaped for these areas? What kind are these tiles?
  • What special tools and equipment have to be used?
  • How large is the floor’s area, and how many tiles will be needed to cover this?
  • Is the job a re-tiling? What’s the condition of the existing floor?

If you would have to do the tiling on your own, or if you prefer to enlist the help of a DIY enthusiast with the idea of saving money, these elements may be easily overlooked when the goal is simply to finish the job. There’s also big chance you could be spending for another round of tiling a few months later, when you start noticing moulds and mildew filling up on the grouts, all because the tiles haven’t been properly set.

Depending on the scope of the job, there could be some considerable expense with hiring a tiler, but it is still the most cost-effective solution. Given how durable and functional tiles should be to a house, then it is only logical that it should be installed right by an expert the first time. Ceramex are expert stone masons and tilers specialising in:

  • Stone polishing, honing cleaning and sealing
  • Installation of stone floors and stone tiles
  • Porcelain tile installation and polishing
  • Concrete grinding and polishing
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial surface waterproofing

All of these services can be provided by professional contractors who will ensure your tiling and stone work will stand the test of time. Contact your experts at Ceramex today!

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