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Polished Concrete Floors

Easy Maintenance Flooring: Polished Concrete

When your home or business is ready for some new flooring, why not consider a polished concrete floor? You might cling to the notion that concrete is always dull grey, but that cannot be further from the truth! Concrete floors are a fantastic long term solution for a wide variety of different homes and businesses.

  1. First we start with coarse grit diamonds to remove the “dead skin” and defects about 1.5mm normally.
  2. Next we install progressively finer and finer grits until a beautiful shine develops. Usually this is a 6 or 8 step process, if the floor has mortar or glue on the surface.
  3. Numerous applications of (hardener) will be applied at the appropriate times when necessary.

It’s wonderful – No wax, no acrylic, no epoxy, no floor polish, nothing out of a bucket. Concrete flooring comes in a wide variety of colours and stone combinations. Applications combine a neutral base colour with a wide range of coloured aggregates then polished smooth.

Your shine is naturally produced with diamonds only. Nothing to chip, fade or peel.

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External Honed Concrete Black SheoaThe Benefits of Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete is Absolutely the Floor of the Future

Eco-friendly and low in maintenance, polished concrete flooring is vividly brilliant. Just ask around and you will find that polished concrete floor owners love their floors. When a concrete polished floor is not properly polished and treated, then it may not get glowing reviews. However, to avoid disappointment, it is very important for you to understand the following attributes of concrete floors.

Besides indoor flooring, recommended indoor applications of polished concrete flooring is found in hallways, entry foyers, in homes and businesses, shopping centres, offices, industrial and commercial flooring. In addition to indoor flooring, decorative polished concrete can be applied in landscaping on paths, walkways, pool areas and patios, as a few examples.

  • Durability — long life, floors don’t usually need replacing
  • Energy savings – reduces the need for extra electric lighting
  • Environmentally friendly — recycle older slabs or repair them
  • Holds up to traffic — high traffic areas are no worry
  • Hypo-allergenic — allergy free alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Economical — reduce maintenance time & lower costs
  • Brighter areas — Increase and improve light reflectivity
  • Low Maintenance — get rid of chipping, fading and peeling

Disadvantages of Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete may very well be the floor of the future; it’s versatile, economical, and low in maintenance and vivid (or dull) as you like. There are disadvantages to this suddenly fashionable flooring trend. First, let’s stamp out these semi myths. While totally understandable, yet easily remedied for a price, is the misconception that polished concrete floors are always cold to the touch. Some even think concrete anything is boring, lifeless and dull. You have read that concrete solutions are a versatile flooring option because it has the ability to be any colour you choose, in any sheen desired, and even the ability to custom score the underlying design. The first drawback of polished conrcrete flooring is that is very hard. If you drop your china, it will most likely break, as might hard plastic. If you fall, it is probably going to hurt, but so would stone flooring. Concrete floors need to be resealed regularly, every 12 months, maybe sooner depending on traffic. And, to address the coldness of concrete flooring; you can install underfloor heating–which holds the heat a long time–or use rugs or throws as you might ceramic tiled floors. Polished concrete flooring IS a difficult and messy DIY project, and really does take specialised knowledge of a professional for long lasting hard wearing ever beautiful polished concrete floor.

Warning:  Polished Concrete is Acid Sensitive

  • Contact with Muriatic (Hydrochloric) acid will mar and dull the finish instantly.

Remedy for Damage due to Muriatic Acid on Polished Concrete Floors

  • Damage caused by Muriatic acid can easily be repaired by polishing. Most muriatic acid spills or other similar damage that arise from being unprotected, can be re-ground, polished, colored and protected all over again.

Polished Concrete compared to Paint or Epoxy

Polished concrete is not as uniform as paint or epoxy when observing visually. Concreted appears mostly aggregate–sometimes not. Other times you might see darker areas, or notice “spider” like cracking. While polished concrete floors are a popular choice, if you don’t appreciate the natural beauty of concrete, then check out our tiled floor projects.