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Concrete Colour Systems

Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration

Polished concrete flooring is as decorative as you want it to be. Choose from a wide range of colors and textures. Your polished concrete floor can be as vivid and vibrant as you like with concrete overlays, including marble like veins in flooring. Concrete has become extremely popular in commercial applications and residential settings in recent years. Used in innovative ways, polished concrete contractors are making quite a stir in the flooring industry. Starting with a blank grey canvas made of concrete, we can transform your vision into a one of a kind floor. Ask us about the many synthetic primary pigments available for eye catching designs. There is a decorative concrete solution for everyone. Beton Dyes are available in many colours.

Concrete Colour Systems

We are sure to have one decorative concrete solution for your home or business. Check our Gallery for ideas or ask John about our concrete colour system for an eye popping vivid and vibrant polished concrete floor design just for you!

Beton Concrete Color Dye System Components

1. Beton Color Dye: A concentrated powder in many colours which are diluted in Acetone before applied to concrete floors. The concrete colour oxides are indicated in our chart below. Our tradesmen will test to make sure the colouring is perfectly suited to your tastes.
2. Penetrating Agent: Improves the dye penetration to the concrete.
3. Beton Hardener: A concrete colour hardener that improves the quality of the concrete floors.
4. Beton Skudo: A penetrating concrete colour stain repellent providing high resistance to external agents for polished concrete flooring.
5. Beton Guard Ultra System: A primer and finishing guard for polished concrete floors shielding against oil and grease moisture.
6. Beton Sealer Soap: A concrete colour sealer that protects and maintains polished concrete.
7. Beton BrightT: Extra protective measure in maintenance and protection for a longer last
8. Belton Guard: A polymer that creates a film on concrete which protects against dirt, while also adding shine.
9. Beton Filler: Grout and filler for superficial cracks in a concrete floor that is applied with grinding machine fitted with diamond disc.
10. Beton Grout: Repair for damaged concrete surfaces.
11. Beton Shield: Water repellent product with a brighter, provides one of the best finishes.