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Ceramex Tiling & Waterproofing Newcastle

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Ceramex Tiling & Waterproofing Newcastle

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Waterproofing Services in North Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast

Tiling Renovation – Restoration – Rejuvenation – Transformation

Ceramex is a waterproofing company servicing the Hunter Valley Region. A Certificate III License holder enables Ceramex professionals to perform all aspects of waterproofing which we have been doing since 1990. Since our inception we have helped countless people with all aspects of waterproofing, delivering long lasting solutions that stand the test of time. From commercial, to residential works such as balconies, bathrooms and all aspects of waterproofing, we will repair and stop all existing leaks or do the application prior in preventing any future leaks. No job is too big, too small or too complex for the specialists at Ceramex.

Waterproofing - Ceramex Tiling & Waterproofing Newcastle

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When waterproofing is applied incorrectly, you will not know it immediately. Faulty installation can be costly, as you may not know for years that the wet areas have been leaking through your walls and floors. Eventually, rising damp, mildew, mustiness, fungi and mould could not only cause further structural damage in rotting timber, but it can also make those sensitive to these things very sick. When you hire our services in Newcastle, Central Coast or North Sydney, you can rest assured that your domestic, commercial or industrial waterproofing will be completed in a professional tradesman like manner.

Our attention to detail is what separates us from our competitors and has marked us out as leading North Sydney specialists.

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The purpose is to transform the ordinary concrete floor into a floor which is remarkably shiny and dust free. Esthetically pleasing and has a functional point of view… With very interesting results.

Ceramex Tiling & Waterproofing Newcastle

Ceramex Waterproofing

We guarantee all of our Central Coast, North Sydney and Newcastle waterproofing works as per the Australian Standards. When taking care of wet areas in residential buildings and other works, you must comply with the Australian Standard AS3740, AS4564 and AS4858 and meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Regardless of whether you have a domestic waterproofing need in North Sydney or a commercial / industrial waterproofing job in Newcastle, you can rely on Ceramex to deliver the solution.

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We service the waterproofing requirements of residents and business throughout Central Coast, Newcastle and North Sydney but can be called upon to work in other areas on request. If you’d like to discuss your needs in detail and obtain a quotation, please feel free to get in touch either by telephone, e-mail or via the online enquiry page on our Contact page.

Our Waterproofing Services

The services we offer as a company are wide and varied, we excel in both domestic ,commercial and industrial environments, ensuring your Homelife or business experiences a minimum amount of disruption as we go about our work. Popular jobs we carry-out include but are not limited to:

The above list is merely a snapshot of some of the jobs we carry out on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on providing long-lasting and cost effective services in Central Coast, North Sydney and Newcastle and refuse to compromise on both standard of workmanship and level of customer service.