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Anti Slip Treatment you heard about the legal requirements for slip resistance on floors? With the recent change in Australia Law regarding anit-slip legislation, don’t forget to ask about our tactile Diamond Anti Slip Treatment. Ceramex Anti Slip floor solutions for slippery floors, wet concrete or natural stone flooring and tiles meet the government slip resistance requirements.
Prevent injury due to slip fall accidents. If you are a business, your care of duty is a serious obligation. Prevent loss productivity due to an injured employee, save money from litigation of potential slip fall customers or employee victims.
Protect your reputation, get compliant on your Anti Slip flooring. Aware residential homeowners are in the know, and have installed Diamond Anti Slip surfaces around their homes and pools. Knowledge is power, so read some more so you can learn how to best protect yourself, family and business.

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Pool Area Natural Stone Tiling by Ceramex Newcastle

Anti-Slip Treatment, the Best Tiling Solutions

Slipping and falling down on the floor is pretty common than most people think. In most of these cases, the accidents happen inside the house. The likely culprit? The tile floors. The Australian Tile Council says that “non-slip” tiles are non-existent. You cannot buy tiles like this. While functional, durable and seamless in appearance, factors […]

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Tile anti-slip for safe ramps and stairs

Anti-slip tile treatment to make ramps and stairs safer when wet Safe exit and entry from houses and offices, especially on hard and tiled surfaces is a serious matter. Although you may not intend for the surfaces to get wet or for people to wear non-grippy shoes or elderly people to traverse the space invariably [...]
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Diamond Antique Anti Slip Treatment for Tiles and Concrete

Protect your employees, patrons and family, avoid slip fall accidents on slick or wet tiles and concrete with Diamond Antique Anti Slip Treatment for tiles and concrete, service by Ceramex Anti Slip Specialists.

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