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Anti Slip Tile Treatment - Ceramex Newcastle

Are you a manager of large commercial building foyers or have strata managed buildings? You need protection from people hurting themselves of slippery tiles.

If you have slippery-when-wet tiles in a home, shop, foyer, public space or office it is possible to add grip to the tiles without compromising the tiles.

When it rains are the ramps to enter your building easy to slip on? If the tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, entry, living area, pool or patio are slippery when wet then you could be risking peoples safety and lives.

Ask John about diamond polishing your tiles. They will still look fine, there is no visible scuffing, and then you will be maintaining a much greater duty of care towards your visitors.

Diamond Antique Anti Slip Treatment

Whether you are dealing with vitrified ceramic tiles, granite, polished porcelain tiles, coloured and polished concrete, masonry, natural stone or some form of aggregate, all these surfaces are slippery when wet. From homeowners to business or governmental entities, everyone is susceptible to lawsuits; the remedy is an anti slip treatment system.

Duty of Care and Anti Slip Legislation on Flooring
The Australian Slip Standard & Duty of Care Legislation makes it your responsibility to provide safe walking surfaces. Our low floor scrubber anti slip system and grits comply with AS/NZS 4586.
Anti Slip Tile Treatment - Ceramex Newcastle
Anti Slip Diamond Brushes

Grit Sizes Applied to the Following Surfaces:

Diamond Antique Anti Slip Treatment in Review

The most environmentally safe and effective anti-slip floor treatment available today is the Diamond Brush Anti Slip Treatment. The anti slip safety grooves are scored onto the surface of concrete, tiles or stone. This process combines special diamond brushes and water. The Ceramex team will apply the diamond impregnated brushes with water to cut and attain the desired slip resistance when wet.

Our water based product will dry clear and will not visually change the appearance of your floor surface. There are absolutely no dangerous chemicals or solvents used during the process.

Water is the only liquid used together with our low speed scrubber. You can’t get much more environmentally friendly than water. The results are quickly visible along with a clean and grime free surface.

Absolutely No Damage to Your Floor with the Diamond Antique Anti Slip Treatment

No need to worry about chipped or cracked tiles or other damage to edges of unevenly laid tiles because the diamond brushes are designed to slide over tile edges.

No more slips and falls due to unprepared flat surfaces. In addition, an extra measure of protection can be applied to steps and stairways– vinyl step and stair tread covers can be applied in residential or commercial interiors.

The most economical and environmentally safe anti-slip treatment is Diamond Antique Anti Slip Treatment. The anti-slip treatments increases traction on most flooring surfaces concrete, natural stone, porcelain tiles and is suitable for many other slick surfaces.